Boxed Gavel Sets

Presentation Boxed handmade wooden gavel sets, a high quality, unique, handmade, dovetail jointed,brass hinged wooden box, with gavel and striking block inside, on wooden gavel rests. The box is lined with a good quality black wool felt as is the base of the striking block.

All contain a beautiful handmade gavel with a matching striking block, great to look at, all my gavels feel good, look good and sound good.

Some presentation boxed gavel sets are readily available, they can also be made to special order in woods with gorgeous grain with options to personalise with quality polished brass small, medium or large, engraved discs, great for special occasions and presentation. A gift of a lifetime, no one will have one the same, as each boxed presentation gavel set is individually selected for the wood and designed and handmade by me in  Shropshire, the heart of England.

Perfect from graduation to retirement, house warming, anniversary and special landmark birthday presents. Your presentation gavel set arrives gift ready with labels and care instructions, carefully and securely packaged to arrive safely with you.

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