Can you make something especially for me?

Yes of course, all items are individually made so simply contact us and I will be happy to discuss your project, timescales and budgets with you. I will use the timber that best suits the item you have in mind.

How much will it cost me?

The items already available in the shop will give you an idea of the costs involved. Making things individually to order of course costs more, but I am usually able to make something to suit every budget within reason.

How long does it take for me to have something made?

Well, it always helps to give as much notice as possible. The longer I have the more options there are with regard to perhaps ordering a different wood rather than using something in stock. Bear in mind I may be working on other people’s orders also. It really depends on the complexity of the item, contact me and I can give you a better idea of timescales, which can be anything from a few days to a few months depending on the work involved.

When will I know when my item is on its way?

I always confirm dispatch for all purchases. Once payment is received your item will be on it’s way the next working day by first class post or airmail. Special delivery can also be arranged and is charged according to Royal Mail rates.

How is the postage and packaging cost calculated?

This is primarily based on the weight of the individual item and dimensions with some additional cost towards the packaging material and care instructions. Where possible packaging is recycled also.

Where is your wood sourced from and is it from sustainable and ethical sources?

Most of my wood comes from local suppliers and all English timbers are garden trees or windblown. Exotic timbers are plantation wherever these are available. Others are government controlled by their country of origin and sourced via reputable UK timber suppliers and some are antique timber or recycled timber. Old lignum vitae comes from old recycled bowling balls, some mahogany has come from old mahogany furniture and recycled.

I politely decline requests for items made from endangered species of wood or wood from countries with no controls in place to protect the trees and environment.

What happens if I want to return an item?

If for some reason you are not entirely satisfied with your item and you need to return it, it will need to be returned in the original packaging within 30 days of receipt with a reasonable reason for return. Where possible you may be able to swap the item for something of the same value, or if necessary a refund will be given once the item has been returned.

I cannot reimburse postage costs for returns.

I cannot accept responsibility for items lost or damaged in the post, these issues need to be followed up with the postal carrier used.

Please note: As wood is a natural product it needs particular care to last. If you follow the care instructions supplied with your item you will continue to enjoy your products for years.

Are your items ornamental or usable?

All Items are both functional and always ornamental or decorative but obviously their use should be that for which it was intended of course.

I like something in the gallery can I have one exactly the same?

The gallery is a portfolio or collection of some of my finest or seldom seen items that have been especially selected, often custom made to order and usually already sold.

You can certainly have an item made based on the shape or idea of one you see in the gallery, but due to the unique nature of all of my items it won’t be identical. I source many unique or seldom seen timbers that are one offs. The strange grain on woods is often caused by nature itself over which I have no control and cannot repeat. I can find an equally beautiful alternative for you of course.