Valentine’s Handmade One Piece Chopping Board Heart Shape Thick Walnut 12″


Great for Valentine’s Day! A handmade, medium to large feature wooden heart shaped chopping board. Made from one solid peice of rich English walnut wood with no joins! Gorgeously grained, generously thick.Great to use, great feature table piece for platters and cheeses or great for use in the kitchen.
The walnut wood came from a Shropshire Country garden tree. English walnut is increasingly rare and expensive. Made in the Heart of England, Shropshire.
An ideal wedding or engagement or house warming present of for anyone who loves the unique natural quality, colours and grain of finely crafted wooden items.
All my chopping boards are made from one generous and solid piece of wood with no joins, goregeous additon to any kitchen, table or bar, great for all wood fanatics and foodies.

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Great for Valentine’s Day. This handmade chopping board is one solid very beautiful generously sized piece of gorgeously grained rich English walnut wood hand cut and generous thickness. A feature or statement of love piece. This large heavy solid walnut wooden heart shaped chopping board in rich English Walnut makes a great centre piece for the table as well as for full use in the kitchen and is a good generous thickness.
English walnut is getting increasingly rare and expensive.
This one piece board with no joins, is unique, a great centre piece for the table as a serving platter or cheese board, or for full use in the kitchen.
All my wooden chopping boards are one piece solid boards with no joins! They all vary slightly in size and shape as they are handmade individually not mass produced, each board is made by hand individually. I go with the grain and shape of the wood. The grain of the wood is different each time and this is a great piece of rich English walnut. If there are small knots these are filled for hygiene reasons, there are none in this board. The walnut came from a Shropshire country garden tree.
One only like this and when it has gone it’s gone for good!
Designed by me, lovingly finished with food safe oil. Great for wood lovers and foodies.
Medium to Large sized board approximately 12 and 1/8ths inches or 310mm long and 10 and 1/4 or 260mm wide.
Care Instructions
Not dishwasher safe of course. Keep out of direct sun and hand wash only and dry quickly or ideally just wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry quickly. Apply a little food safe or proprietary oil to your board, avoid olive oil which tends to go rancid, in time the oil layers permeate the board but after that point, less oiling is required. May need lightly sanding with fine sandpaper followed by oil for the first 6 months until oil is impregnated, this will enliven your chopping board and make it as good as new.
A little extra care in the early years and perseverance with oil treatments will reap great benefits, you will be rewarded with a beautiful chopping board that will serve you well for many years to come.
Sets of Boards or Boards and Pins also available.
All items are carefully packaged to ensure they reach you safely and have labels and care instructions, gift ready and dispatched next working day 1st class post, or airmail. This is a substantial piece of wood and its weight impacts the postage costs.

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Weight 1.125 kg
Dimensions 15 × 17 × 5 cm

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