Medium Weight Carving Mallet Old 1936 Lignum Vitae English Pear Handle


Medium-weight old carver’s mallets in dense old 1936 vintage lignum vitae, one of the toughest timbers available for this purpose. The lignum vitae on this mallet is gorgeous and so unique from old vintage 1936 bowling ball, antique in age, rich in its own history. Beautiful, smooth to the touch and full of character. There are quite a few visible checks, but they are minor.  Checks are usual for old lignum vitae of this age and when they are there, this does not detract from its strength and beauty in any way. Gorgeous tools, interesting and unique grain.  Vintage lignum is getting harder to get hold of and increasingly rare and expensive, prices of old lignum have sky rocketed, prices vary depending on the quality and size of the ball. A lot of work goes into making these.
The handle is made from English Pear wood. Ergonomically designed by me to be a great fit in the hand-these mallets will have a really good wallop when required. They have a great sweet spot, The handles goes right through to the end of the ball and are wedged for extra strength.
Designed and made by me in Shropshire and not mass produced. Each of my wood carver’s mallets is of course, slightly different and unique beautifully and lovingly finished with oil so the natural colour of the wood can speak for itself. Made by someone who carves and has done stone masonry so really knows the requirements of their tools. An ideal gift for anyone who loves the unique richness and quality of  the grain and colours of natural wooden items with a wow factor. A great gift of all time for a carver! My discrete logo is on the top of the handles so you know you have a Tommy Woodpecker Woodworks original. The last pictures are for perspective only against a large and lightweight carving mallets subject to availability.
Great Gift
This tool in the right hands with normal carver’s use will last and last. A great gift for a carver!
Medium weight mallet 200 mm or 7 and 3/4 inches end to end. Weighing in at approx 826 gs or 1 lb and 3 ozs.  The sizing is also based on the size of the ball as well as the weight.
Care Instructions
Best kept out of direct heat and sunlight. Dust and polish occasionally with beeswax to be rewarded with a deep shine.  All natural unstained woods darken slightly with age.
All items are carefully packaged to ensure they reach you safely and have labels and care instructions.
Dispatched by 1st class post, airmail or courier. Purchasers from overseas are responsible for paying for any duties that may apply. Postage is at cost and packaging is recycled where possible and free.

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