Cookies Policy

Cookies exist to optimise your visit to our website they are in use on all websites you visit. Without getting into the techy stuff too much, a Cookie is a piece of data sent from a website and stored on a user’s browser whilst you are browsing or viewing a website. If you are a regular on-line shopper you will be used to seeing notifications on Cookies.You can of course disable them, but this may stop the website from functioning in the way it should on your computer or device. The cookie will look after your basket while you shop and will process your order correctly as it knows where you have got to in the order process.Cookies allow you to share from this site to Facebook, a Tweet or your Pin board for example.

Some information is collected securely and anonymously to help the site function and for improvements to the site to be made based on people’s visit to the various pages on our site. Cookies do not marginalise your privacy or share information with third parties apart from Google which is a third party standard.
Session cookies are simply that, they are temporary bits of data that are deleted as you leave the site.You can of course disable cookies on your PC or device, or modify your browser to notify you, or delete information from your PC after browsing should you wish to, this is quite easy to do, for more information visit