Wooden Clock Brown Mallee Burr Large


Beautiful, large handmade wooden clock with a natural slightly waney edge, not a fault, part of the burr. Great, interesting addition to any room. The Australian Brown Mallee Burr wooden clock face has numerals in Yellowheart and Pink Ivory wood. An ideal gift for burr aficionados with beautiful mottled grained face standing on cute feet made of 2 woods English Boxwood and Padauk. The burr is harvested off the tree,the tree heals up and continues to grow after the burr has been removed. Designed and made by me in Shropshire, not mass produced, each of my clocks is slightly different and unique, so no one will have one quite the same ever! The clock hands are RoHS approved and tested. Beautifully finished with beeswax polish so the natural colour of the wood can speak for itself.
Approximately 209mm or 8 and 1/4″ inches in diameter.
Care Instructions
To set the time, do not push the hands of the clock around, use the white dial on the back of the clock mechanism to alter the time. To dust the clock, avoid damaging the hands by gently dusting one half of the clock face at a time, when the hands are clear of the area, then repeat for the other half of the clock face when the hands are clear of that area. The battery can be taken out for cleaning to stop the clock at any time. Occasionally a slightly damp cloth can be used if necessary. The wood will benefit from a little gentle application of beeswax once a year and will reward you with a continued shine.
All items are carefully packaged to ensure they reach you safely and have labels and care instructions, gift ready and dispatched 1st class post, courier, or airmail. AA battery operated x 1, battery included for UK only not included for overseas, batteries cannot be airmailed.


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