New Design Harlequin 4 Woods Palm Gavel


A stylish very individual, new design of mine, a wooden handmade pocket palm gavel in a harlequin style. A lot of work goes into these very special, gorgeously grained gavels made from 4 woods in a harlequin pattern alternating between nicely grained Palmwood, English Yew, Rengas and Sri Lankan Satinwood. A great talking point, captivating. Great for auctioneers on the move, this ergonomic wooden palm gavel sounds good, looks good and feels good and fits in the pocket. Designed and handmade by me not mass produced. Each of my palm gavels is different, unique and beautifully finished with beeswax polish to let the natural colour of the wood shine through.  A great present for a Mason’s apron pocket, an Auctioneer, Best Man or Toastmaster or anyone that appreciates the unique richness and quality of finely crafted wooden items.
Size is approximately 62mm or 2 and 3/8th  inches tall.
Care Instructions
Best kept out of direct sunlight. Dust and polish occasionally with beeswax to be rewarded with a deep shine.
All items are carefully packaged to ensure they reach you safely with labels and care instructions they are gift ready, dispatched 1st class post, courier or airmail. Overseas purchasers are responsible for paying for any duties that apply.

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