Boxed Wooden Gavel Set Handmade Cedar of Lebanon Brown Oak Gavel


Handsome, handmade, presentation boxed wooden gavel set is in Cedar of Lebanon wood with a gavel and striking block in English Brown Oak with gorgeous grain. The beauty of the grain in both the box and gavel is difficult to capture with photography. You cannot take your eyes off the gorgeous grain. The box is dovetail jointed, the lid is hinged with good quality brass butt hinges. Inside the box is a gavel and block in English Brown Oak.
The box is approximately 263mm or 10 and 3/8th inches long, 140mm or 5 and 1/2th inches wide and approx. 100mm or 4 inches high. The base of the gavel box is lined with a black wool baize. The gavel hammer is approximately 200mm long or 8 and inches end to end. The base of the striking block is also covered with black wool baize. Designed and made by me in Shropshire not mass produced; each of my gavels is slightly different and unique, beautifully finished in beeswax so the natural beauty of the wood shines through.  An ideal very special presentation gift for Auctioneers, Judges, Toastmasters, Captain, Speaker, the Chair and anyone who loves the unique natural qualities of finely crafted wooden items.
Care Instructions
Best kept out of direct sunlight. Dust and polish occasionally with beeswax to be rewarded with a deep shine and your items will enrich beautifully with age.
All items are carefully packaged to ensure they reach you safely and have labels and care instructions, gift ready and dispatched 1st class post, courier, or airmail. Overseas customers are responsible for paying any duties that may apply. US Customers  The US has also from July increased postage costs and this is not an inflated charge the postal charges are at cost and all the packaging involved is free of charge.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 8 cm

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